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Building Management Tailored to Suit Each Individual Complex

Who are we?

Constant Building Management has been providing well-organised, efficient and experienced building management services since 2005. We take pride in ensuring your complex is not just a pleasant place to be, but also kept to a high standard of safety, compliance and organisation.

Fulfilling your needs

We can provide a service that is tailored to your complex’s specific needs, from on-site management of large complexes to rostered site visits for smaller buildings – and everything in between.

Why Constant Building Management?

We are experienced professionals well-versed in working alongside Body Corporates, Owners, Committees, Contractors and Residents.  We use this experience to act decisively and make informed decisions to effect change and solutions.

While our focus is on your complex’s practical requirements, we believe our integrity, accountability and efficiency set us apart.  We are experienced problem solvers you can trust to get the job done.

How can we help?

By taking charge of the day-to-day running of your complex, Constant Building Management will free you up to focus on the administration of your business.

We liaise clearly and efficiently with tenants, owners, committees, trades, and body corporate, creating space for you to grow your end. It is integral for good decisions to be made in a timely fashion in order to drive successful outcomes.

We are reliable, experienced and fully equipped to deal with the issues and concerns of owners and residents. And we pride ourselves on our communication – we stay in contact and we answer messages, emails, and phone calls. You will be kept fully up to date on your project.

We work closely with Owners’ Committees to gauge the needs and requirements of the complex. We approach remedial projects confidently because we deal with a reliable, trusted pool of tradespeople to draw quotes and opinions from when required. We get things fixed.

We encourage a friendly, approachable relationship with tenants – whether they are commercial or residential dwellers. Maintaining good working relationships with the people in our buildings is one of our core promises.

Housekeeping rules are carefully considered and communicated to provide all tenants with a consistent and pleasant living environment. Most importantly, to maintain a pleasant living environment we will ensure tenants comply with these carefully communicated housekeeping rules.


Full-Service Building Maintenance & Property Management


Full-service building maintenance and property management compliance is a potentially confusing aspect of building management. But a building’s safety and efficient running can be easily managed and maintained by implementing robust routines and engaging effectively with compliance consultants. It’s crucial to know and understand these standards, and Constant Building Management is continually updating our knowledge as legislation changes. With more than a decade in the business, we have developed long-standing relationships with compliance officers that benefit the operation of our buildings. This is an area we take very seriously.


We are vitally aware of the importance of getting the balance right between preventative maintenance – keeping up to date – and reactive maintenance – acting as needed. The backbone of our operation is our relationships with key maintenance contractors that keep building and maintenance schedules flexible, efficient and able to cope with the unexpected issues that arise. We are prepared.


Constant Building Management has developed a cleaning schedule that is flexible to the changing needs of each of its complexes. Cleaning might be one of the less glamorous aspects of our service but it is one of the most important. A well-kept building promotes good housekeeping habits and a sense of pride among residents and visitors alike. We customise our cleaning schedule to meet the needs of the complex. There are no set minimums or maximums – it is about assessing the individual needs of a complex and adapting as those needs change.

What Our Clients Say

About Us

Chris Laycock

Operations Director

Chris has a strong trade history, having worked for 12 years as a cabinetmaker with related experience in the marine and residential industries. He has an active interest in the practical aspects of building management, and his knowledge and personable nature mean he relates well to the variety of tradespeople who come through the door.


Camille Laycock

Client Relations Director

Camille comes from a background in banking, finance, property management, and hospitality management roles. Camille’s well-organised administrative skills are essential in order to stay on top of the To-Do list each day. While Camille’s administrative skills benefit the business, they also take the pressure off the body corporate secretaries, owners, and committees – leaving them to focus on their core responsibilities.


Mike Hewitson

Building Manager

Mike has become a key team leader since joining CBM in 2012. Mike coordinates all the day-to-day activities. Mike visits all the other complexes very regularly to monitor cleaning, meet tradespeople, oversee projects and assess maintenance. Mikes dependable work ethic and friendly and approachable nature exemplify what we look for in our team.


Stephanie James

Administration Coordinator

Coming from an IT background, Stephanie has been instrumental in refining and further developing CBM’s systems and applications offered to our clients. Stephanie leads our administration team, with a big focus on organising contractors, liaising with residents and owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Constant Building Management?

Chris and Camille Laycock are your first point of contact. Chris has a strong trade background and alternates between project management and hands-on maintenance. Camille brings an administrative order to the business. She is experienced in first-response management of emergencies, with a suite of tried and trusted tradespeople to call upon.

What experience do you have?

Constant Building Management has been working with large complexes since early 2005, and we understand the different needs each day can bring. Our knowledge gathered over a decade in business allows us to deal confidently and effectively with challenges as they arise, and to act decisively with our reliable resource base. Competent managers must deal swiftly with the small stuff and focus their resources on the important areas.

Chris and can pretty much turn his hand to anything! Camille has a property administration background and works very closely with the Body Corporate, ensuring all areas of building management are covered and compliant. When you get down to it, all buildings have the same needs whether they be large or small, they all require competent management, cleaning, upkeep, and experience to handle the tricky stuff!

What about Building Compliance? That’s so confusing!

Building Compliance and safety issues are ever-changing and updating, especially with the recent changes to the Unit Titles Act (2010) in light of the Christchurch earthquakes. It is our job to keep up to date with these regulations as they evolve. Constant Building Management has built strong relationships with compliance consultants through regular contact.  Compliance is our area of expertise.

What about when things go wrong?

We prepare for things to go wrong – because our years in the job tell us that inevitably they will. It’s this preparation that negates panic, chaos, and unpleasant conditions for both owners and tenants. Whether it is a burst pipe in the middle of the night or overseeing the rebuild of the roof, we have experience in many “emergencies”, and we know what’s needed to remedy the problem in front of us. Our communication is 24/7 and we have networks on tap to deal with issues as they arise – whatever the time. You will be kept fully abreast of repairs and damage as we are informed.

What’s your service going to cost?

The most important point to make here in regards to costing your building is that you will not be charged for services you do not need.
We will tailor a service package based on a building’s individual needs. Among things to consider are the facilities, themselves, on-site presence requirements, cleaning, and gardening. These needs are usually agreed through carefully planned meetings with Body Corporate Secretaries and owners’ committees. Understanding your needs and tailoring to suit is where we set ourselves apart – it is definitely not a case of one bill fits all.

Unlike other providers who charge extras for after-hours and weekends, our set fee is all-encompassing for services to the body corporate – 24/7 as problems arise.

Constant Building Management’s pricing is often not the cheapest option when a complex goes to tender. But our rates reflect a far superior level of attention and service than delivered by our competitors.

How involved are you with the committees?

As we tailor the service level, Constant Building Management can be as involved as little or as much you want us to be. On many sites, we attend all committee meetings, where we provide a lot of information and updates to the owners. It comes down to how involved the Body Corporate Committee wants us to be – some prefer fewer meetings and lots of emails while others have monthly meetings.

What about a rent pool?

We are experienced in dealing with rent pools – one of our larger sites includes a rent pool with 90 apartments. The secret here is organisation and structure – with a thorough knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act (1986).

What about Managing a New Development?

In a lot of ways it is a real advantage getting the complex from the “get-go”. It allows us to take control and ensure the correct structures and processes are adopted from Day 1 and can make a real difference to the progression of a complex.

We are only small and only really require someone to handle the rubbish and gardening is this possible?

We can tailor a level of service to suit the situation. Constant Building Management’s suite of complexes range from a 15-apartment building to a large facility with 220 units.

What about changes to the Health and Safety Act?

We ensure that our staff and tradespeople we engage are fully inducted and “Safe To Work”, and have the required documentation and insurances for their industries. We are encouraging our body corporates to develop and implement their own Health and Safety policies and document highlighting potential hazards within their complexes.

We strive to provide a safe and compliant environment to live and work.

Contact Us

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your complex and its service needs. Contact us directly on the numbers and email address provided.

Constant Building Management Limited
2B / 3 Hohipere Street, Eden Terrace, AUCKLAND.

P.O Box 37742

Phone: 09 390 0550

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